Sunday, January 13, 2013

Winter ONEderland

Today we celebrated Ryan's 1st birthday  with a Winter ONEderland type birthday that will forever be one of my favorite days ever!!!

I decided on the theme after searching for winter birthday ideas on pinterest!!  His birthday is so close to Christmas that I wanted to be sure not to have a Christmassy theme but more of a wintery magical one!  Plus I knew there would be a ton of after Christmas sales that I could take full advantage of for decor and it worked to my favor. 
I chose Red and Aqua for the colors because I saw another party done in the same colors and I loved it.  Never would have put these two colors together on my own but I think they look great!  I think even though the forecast was calling for unusually warm temperatures everyone felt the winter magic.

I love parties and party planning and tend to always go the extra step or mile ha when it comes to throwing one.  I love entertaining and making everyone happy and ensure everyone has a great time, this party was going to be no exception.  This party was definitely time consuming and I lost some sleep over some of the details, I had an absolute blast doing it and it was so worth it!

Ryan means the world to me and I wanted him to have the best birthday party imaginable.  A first birthday is a big deal and I wanted to make it was just that.  I want him to look back at this day and see how fun it was for everyone and how much love went into the day.  I think he will do that...OR maybe he will just think I am nuts for having a snow cone machine in the middle of winter!!!  Either way....


Of course I didn't pull this off all by myself.  I was actually super sick the day before so Deb's came to the rescue and saved the day with the errand running and nursing me back to health.

Penguin Smash Cake: Stephanie the Baker
Cupcakes: Wegmans
Snowballs: Debbie Shott
Photography for Winter ONEderland Snow globe FavorPhotos: Reza Photography
Paper Cut outs: Gwynn Wasson Designs
Chilli: Glory Days Bar and Grill
Ryan's Outfit: Pocketbaby on Etsy

Preparation: Debbie Shott and Grandma Thomas
Clean Up: Debbie Shott, Grandma and Papa Thomas, Jennifer and Scott Blankenship, Wendy Thomas and Anthony Brent, Chris and Jen Parker

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