Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fred and Shirley's 50th Wedding Anniversary

After 50 years of marriage you deserve a SURPRISE party to celebrate your love and re-live your wedding day all over again!!  This was a spectacular event held in Wintergreen, VA.  The guest of honor thought they were meeting up with family for dinner in Lynchburg, VA (their hometown and hour from Wintergreen) when friends of theirs were instructed to pick them up and chauffer them to their very own anniversary party.  The decorations were gold (Shirley's favorite color), the food was homemade by their two daughters, beautiful invitations were sent out and one was framed on the table along with a guest book, a magnificent cake- gold of course, an open bar, 50 plus friends and family (including their 3 children and 7 grandkids) all came out to share in their love and help them celebrate their 50 fabulous years together.